Reviving Ageold System

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Reviving my ageold system at no cost!!! 🌱
PC SPECS I bought my first PC in 2012. It had: Intel Pentium E6600 dual core CPU 2GB DDR3 RAM (1333 MHz with CL9) 450 W SMPS NVIDIA GT 710 2GB DDR3 (added in 2018 for 2nd monitor) Dual Monitor (2nd added lately for my work efficiency) Utilizations I use this PC pretty much for every thing. watching movies listening songs browsing streaming coding 4-5 terminals doing background tasks a server serving home Hell Experience Earlier, till 2016 I was using Windows.


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One of the biggest consipracy by 🇺🇸 & 🇮🇱 to fail 🇮🇷 .
// Image depicting flow of virus in layman terms Iran Nuclear Tests 2010 Natanz nuclear facility, Iran SCADA systems were infected with Stuxnet named virus in 2010. Size of virus: 500 KB. Entered through: Infected USB Stick of one of the employee. Working: It simply controlled the PLC and opened the backdoor for attackers. Victims: Over 15 nuclear facilities were infected, while source being Natanz nuclear facility.

Master Career

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Started MS Cyber Security.
Studing Cyber Security at GFSU I started my career into cyber security. The day I joined institute heard lot of new vulnerabilities. Here I will not mention about those vulnerabilities as these would be my various seperate blogs on it. So I hope you tune here. As you are going to hear a lot from me on security, vulnerabilites, worms, hacks, etc.